Annapolis, MD



Artist at Local By Design

My art comes to life in many different forms and it is very much of a discovery and exploratory process in nature. I have painted using oils, water colors, acrylic and charcoal on a variety of different bases such as wood, canvas, paper and stone.

Some of my past paintings lean towards realism while my most recent work depicts a mixture of realism and surrealistic form.
After my travels visiting the magnificient caves in France I have been painting a series on stone, not the usual medium for a painter, but I was inspired by my recent encounters with the ancient paintings inside the prehistoric caves of Europe. 

When you think about it, those early paintings represent the birth of human creativity. It was a time the desire to paint was so great and I find the depth and understanding they had of media and mediums are fascinating in many ways. The ancient painters used berries, vegetable oils, stones and fire to produce these unforgettable paintings. That is what inspired me to explore and experiment with painting on stone. My vision and goal is to have a garden center one day that will be filled with these stone paintings.

Visit my TravelersArt website at TravelersArt to see more on my journey as an Artist.


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